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a) The Club shall be called Bourn Golf and Country Club
(Members Section) (‘the Club’) and is affiliated to the various golf unions.

b) The proprietor and sole manager of the Club is LMR Assets Ltd, trading as Bourn Golf and Country Club (‘the Company’).

c) The objects of the Club are to establish, maintain and conduct a golf club for the members of the Club to encourage social activities, and generally to offer to the members, the privileges and advantages similar to those of a private members golf club.

d) The Company will provide the Club with the Club premises and all reasonable necessities for carrying on the Club in accordance with its objects and these rules. The Company will be solely responsible for all expenses connected therewith for the engagement, dismissal and payment of staff and for catering and all other matters which involve the disbursement of money.

e) All matters concerning the Club and its members not otherwise covered by these rules vested in the Company shall be vested in a General Committee consisting of the Club Officers and elected members.


a) Every member of the Club shall, subject to these rules, and any bye-laws in force, be entitled to use and enjoy in common with the other members of the Club, the golf course, the Clubhouse and the facilities provided, but shall not by reason of his membership be under any financial liability except for payment of his annual fees.

b) With the exception of Visitor members, no person shall be admitted to membership or be admitted as a candidate for membership to any of the privileges of membership of the Club without an interval of at least two days between nomination or application for membership and admission.

c) Prior to granting membership, the Company shall be entitled to seek references regarding conduct at previous clubs. The Company retains the right to refuse admission in cases where they consider that admission may be injurious to the character of the Club or to the interests of the members. 

d) There will be the following categories of membership:

    1. Full membership;
      may play at any time (subject to tee/course closures).
    2. Five-day membership;
      may play Monday to Friday throughout the year including Bank Holidays and from 3pm on Sundays.
    3. Senior membership;
      membership only available to those ages 65 or over. May play Monday to Friday throughout the year including Bank Holidays, and at weekends after 1pm in summer (1st Apr to 30th Sept) and 12 noon in winter.
    4. Student membership;
      may play at any time (subject to tee/course closures).
    5. Young adult membership;
      may play at any time (subject to tee/course closures).
    6. Junior membership;
      as for senior member with additional competition entries subject to handicap – see Competition Rules Book.
    7. Corporate membership;
      as for full member but with restrictions
      on number of rounds played per year.
    8. Country membership;
      as full member but limited to those members normally resident more than 56 miles from the Club
    9. Social membership
      no golfing privileges
    10. Verified membership;
      a verified playing golfer recognised by the Company, who (at the Company’s discretion) is admitted as a player upon payment of the applicable daily fee

e) The total membership will approximate one thousand.

f) The membership year shall run from the date of acceptance as a member for a period of one calendar year.


a) Annual Fees shall be payable by each member to the Company. The board of directors shall fix on or before 1st February in each year the annual fees in respect of each category of membership of the Club for the following year.
All annual fees shall be paid within one month of date of renewal invoice, after which playing privileges will be suspended.

b) Members Section Subscriptions set annually by the various golf unions, and a contribution to the members operating funds, set by the General Committee, are also due at the time of subscription renewal. 


a) Any member whose annual fees are more than one month in arrears, or who is otherwise in material or persistent breach of any rules laid down by the Company shall be liable to be suspended, whereupon they shall cease to enjoy any of the Club’s facilities while the suspension lasts.

b) If a member is suspended, he shall be entitled to a written explanation of the reasons for so doing, and such member shall be entitled to appeal to the
Company within seven days of receipt of such written explanation.


a) A member shall be expelled from the Club if, in the opinion of the Company’s directors, his conduct shall be injurious to the character of the Club or to the interests of the members. Before a member is expelled, he shall be given a full opportunity to defend himself and to justify or explain his conduct.

b) If the Board of Directors of the Company do not feel that the member has justified or explained his conduct satisfactorily, they shall call on the member to resign and if such member does not resign, shall expel him. An expelled member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership and neither the Company, its directors, servants nor agents shall have any liability to the expelled member.


a) A member may introduce a guest on payment by such individual of a sum to be fixed from time to time by the Company (the green fee) provided a tee is available.

b) A member may introduce social guests to the Clubhouse and its facilities. Unless otherwise permitted by the Company, social guests shall always be accompanied by the introducing member.


a) The officers of the Club shall consist of the Men’s Captain, the Men’s Vice Captain, the Ladies Captain, the Ladies Vice Captain, the Seniors Captain and the Seniors Vice Captain.

b) The Vice Captains of each section shall succeed the relevant Captains, subject to any ballot required under para 7c.

c) The Men’s Vice Captain nominated by the Men’s Captain shall be subject to approval by a quorum of Past Men’s Captains. Any other member wishing to stand for the office of Men’s Vice Captain shall submit their name, together with the names of proposer and seconder, to the General Committee, 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting, and the General Committee shall conduct, at the AGM, an election of the membership accordingly.


a) The General Committee shall consist of the Officers as named in 7a. above, together with the Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Handicap Secretary, Social Representative, Committee Chairman and any other person co-opted by the General Committee in a temporary role.

b) The Committee Chairman, Treasurer, Competitions Secretary, Handicap Secretary, and the Social Secretary shall each year be nominated by members, elected, and stand for a maximum of three years. In the event of no further nominees, the present holder may be requested by the Committee to continue.

c) The position of Secretary is appointed by the General Committee, with the position assessed and reviewed by the full Committee at least every two years.

d) Junior representation on the General Committee may be fulfilled by an existing Committee member. If Junior affairs become more demanding, the General Committee may appoint a specific Junior Representative who may also sit as a member of the General Committee.


a) It is the responsibility of the General Committee in conjunction with the Company to organise and control a full programme of events for the members.

b) The General Committee will establish and publish rules for the running of all Club golf competitions.

c) Five members of the General Committee shall constitute a quorum for the purposes of any general committee meetings. The General Committee shall choose its own Chairman and regulate its own procedure. Decisions of the General Committee shall be made by a simple majority of those present and voting. All officers and elected members are eligible to vote. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

d) The General Committee shall be responsible for ensuring that all income due to the members section is promptly collected and accurately accounted for. To finance the Memberships expenses as per the budget for the benefit of club members. The General Committee in addition may incur other expenditure which they feel will benefit the membership subject to funds being available. The General Committee will produce an audited statement of the annual accounts for the membership at the AGM.


The Secretary shall have the custody of all documents belonging to the General Committee and will keep full and correct minutes of all proceedings and records
of the General Committee.


a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in November at such time as the General Committee shall determine. The Chairman or, failing him, such person as the members shall determine, shall preside at the Annual General Meeting.

b) At least twenty-one days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting, specifying the business to be transacted and the day, place and hour of the meeting, shall be affixed to the notice board in the club house.


Complaints concerning any matters affecting the Club shall be made in writing to the Secretary, who shall deal with the matter. If the complainant so desires, the Secretary shall refer the matter to the General Committee and to the Company.


a) The Company may in its absolute discretion close the Club or any part thereof for any period and for any purposes, which it may consider necessary or desirable, including re-decoration or refurbishment.

b) The Company shall be empowered to close the course at such times and for such periods as it may deem appropriate in the interests of the Club.

c) No member shall be entitled to a refund of annual fees or any other compensation in the event of the closure of the course or the clubhouse.

d) The Company shall be empowered to organise and allow functions to be held in the clubhouse. On such occasions the clubhouse shall be open and/or closed to the members at such time or times that the Company shall decide.


a) If there is any risk of lightning or a player believes there to be a danger from lightning, play must be discontinued or suspended.

b) If conditions are foggy and visibility from the tee is such that the Second Tee from the First Tee or the Bunker on the Tenth Hole from the Tenth Tee cannot be seen, play will be suspended, and golf prohibited until conditions improve.

c) If dangerous weather conditions develop, a member of staff will sound a warning klaxon. However, players have a duty of care not to injure themselves or others or to behave in such a way that others may be injured by their actions.

d) The above rules must be followed by all players, irrespective of whether a warning klaxon has been sounded.


a) The Company is empowered to make, revoke and amend such bye-laws as it may, from time to time, consider necessary concerning play on the course, or the operation of the clubhouse, or any other relevant matter, which bye-laws, repeals and amendments, shall be posted on the club notice board and shall have effect until otherwise determined.

b) Every member shall be bound by and submit to the rules and the bye laws of the Club and to the extent applicable, the Memorandum and Articles of the Company.


The Company shall be entitled to lay down rules concerning standard of dress for members and guests of the Club and shall ensure that these rules are adhered to.


Any dispute or difference which may arise as to the interpretation of these rules and the bye-laws, or as to the powers or the validity of the proceedings of the General Committee, or the validity of any proceedings of the annual general meeting shall be determined by the Company, whose decision shall be final and binding on all members.


In these rules, words importing the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa, and words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and vice versa.

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