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Distance Measuring Devices (DMDs) – Use of Mobile Phones 

Following approval of such devices by the EGU and County Unions, the use of DMD’s was approved for use at Bourn Golf Club under Local Rule (see R&A Rules Appendix I, Part B Local Rule 9). This will be included on the scorecards at the next reprint.

The R&A Rules for 2012 – 2013 are essentially the same as last year i.e. that such devices must measure distance only, however additional guidance has been provided regarding the use of mobile phones as DMD’s (see R&A Rules Appendix IV Rule 5).

The following notes are provided to give further advice:

  • The use of mobile phones for distance measurement is not totally banned.
  • For a phone to be acceptable as a DMD it must only be capable of providing distance information.
  • If the mobile phone has the facility to provide additional information such as: Current weather information
    Gradient measurement (e.g. a spirit level or similar)
    Facility to calculate distance allowing for slope or other feature
    Access to advice or information which may assist a player with his play
    Any other feature which may assist the player

    Then the device is not acceptable for use.

  • The penalty for using a non approved device is disqualification, irrespective of whether the non conforming features have been used or not.
  • The penalty also applies if such a device is being used by a team manager in a team competition.
  • Please check the local competition rules in force for competitions at other courses as in some cases the use of mobile phones may be banned but this is done to prevent their use as phones.
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