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Nominations Committee

The General Committee and committee members are managing each of the golf sections to ensure that they maximise the benefits of membership for each and every Member. This is achieved through an efficient structure of committee volunteers in a number of roles that combine to ensure we manage the finances of the members sections and ensure you can enjoy the benefits of golf membership.

The different roles in our General Committee and golf sections include:

• Captains,
• Vice-captains,
• Match secretaries
• Handicap Secretaries
• Competition secretaries,
• Section secretaries,
• Treasurers
• Membership Secretary
• Committee Chairperson
We struggle each year to fill committee roles and as an objective for the future the General Committee is putting a place an annual process of succession planning to assist in the identification of potential committee members in order to ensure continuity in management of the golf sections. We are establishing a Nominations Committee of 2 Members from each of the Golf sections and an ongoing database of Members who wish to volunteer which will identify the roles in which they have an interest and the timeframe they will be able to take up their interest. We need your help to achieve this objective so please consider volunteering for a role that interests you and let us know when you might be available. If you are interested or just want some further information, please contact a member of our Nominations Committee. Or you can sign up on our succession planning sheet that will be posted on the notice board and a member of the Nominations Committee will then contact you to discuss your interest.
Members of the Nominations Committee are:

Ann Burbidge

Joyce Grimes

Don MacDonald

Keith Howlett

Mark Lydon

Matt Virgo

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